Bringing families together with RelsApp

An essential tool for care homes and communications platform for residents and relatives

Relatives can sign up in three easy steps

Step 1 - Contact your care home and request an invite

Simply contact your care home and ask to be invited to RelsApp.

Step 2 - Recieve an invitation from your loved one (via email)

Your email invitation will be from your loved one and include a registration link.

Step 3 - Register

Follow the “RelsApp” link on the email to sign up and start sharing with your loved one.
Please don’t forget to add a photo of yourself in your settings.

Care home administration

RelsApp is not just a communications platform. The features, which include messages, stories, personalised music playlists and Our Yesterday, are designed to be intuitive and support activities in the home.

Reduces pressure on care staff

“The system makes things more efficient and removes the ticking clock of real-time calls.”
“It’s reduced anxiety for families too – there’s been a decrease in phone calls.”

Assists with activities and incorporates the whole home approach

“It’s just been an absolute godsend and staff are excited using it too.”
“We are up and running and I want to tell you it is amazing”.

Learning about your residents and supporting people living with dementia

“It’s just so emotionally brilliant, especially for people with dementia.”
"RelsApp has enabled us to learn so much more about our residents - their family tree, experiences and adventures."


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